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Summer must-have eye makeup

Finally, summer is here and that means it's time for fashionistas out there to try some new and funky eye makeup. Although standard products will do for any skin tone, with freshly tanned skin, it's certainly time to go wild. One product that all ladies should pick up this season - cream colored eyeshadows, Glamour Magazine reports.

What is cream eyeshadow?

Some ladies may not know about cream eyeshadow, as it is somewhat of a new trend. It basically means the eyeshadow colors you already love now come in varieties that are a bit moist, rather than standard powder. This is a perfect update for summer as it helps keep products in place, even when you're sweating from the rising temperatures. The great part about this new fashion is that many of your go-to eyeshadow colors already come in this form, so you won't need to fret about finding a staple style to wear.

How to use cream eyeshadow

Although the product may seem similar to its powdered cousins, there are a few things to know about this variety. The most important thing to understand is the cream form can sometimes be more potent, so a little will end up going a long way. If you plan to use cream eyeshadow before a big first date or a job interview, it might be smart to try it out ahead of time so you get the right consistency without stressing.

InStyle Magazine reports using an eye primer on your lids before applying any forms of eyeshadow can also help keep the products in place. This trick can be especially helpful during the warmer months.

If you're feeling a bit frugal, you can try to create your own cream eyeshadow. Blend in your favorite hue with a touch of Vaseline for a glossy look that will stay on your lids for longer. 

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