Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Take advantage of the two-tone makeup movement

More celebs and fashionable ladies out there are looking for ways to reinvent how they wear cosmetics, and they may be interested in the new and bold method for standing out -  two-tone makeup, InStyle Magazine reports.

According to the magazine, these looks can be used to enhance the eyes, lips and mouth - and are sure to create a splash on page 6 or in the school cafeteria.

To try this style on your cheeks, you'll need both bronzer and blush.

"The bronzer brings out cheekbones and makes the face more three-dimensional," makeup artist Benjamin Puckey, told the publication. "The blush gives a glow."

To try this style, first apply a base foundation, then it's time for the dirty work. The magazine reports that Puckey uses his fingers to apply the bronzer for this look in a large "3" formation - from the temples, then to the upper cheekbones and finally to the jawline. This creates bits of color on your face. Next, apply a pink colored blush using makeup brushes across the apples of the cheeks - going directly over areas of the bronzer.

You can also try the two-tone fun on your lips by applying a bold, darker lip color first, and then applying a lighter hue to the middle of the lips, leaving a border of the darker shade. Glamour Magazine suggests that ladies looking to stand out even more, try two-toning on their lips by rocking one bright shade such as tangerine on the upper lip and another bright color like a fuchsia or red lipstick on the bottom lip.

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