Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
The best makeup based on your party look

When it comes to the holidays, most ladies love being able to dress up in fun gowns, showing off their unique personal style. Even if you have everything picked out - the frock, the shoes, the accessories - one crucial step you may have overlooked is what makeup works best with your style. Luckily, InStyle Magazine is here to help, and the fashion experts at the publication recently broke down exactly what makeup to rock based on your ensemble.

Dark colors
Girls opting to wear that adorable little black dress or a velvet midnight blue frock should look for makeup that is just as classic. The experts suggest ladies try wearing soft metallic silver or navy blue eyeshadow on their top lids, adding a touch of gold or silver at the inner corners to soften the eyes. Next, swipe on a bit of eyeliner to create drama, and finish with tons of volumizing mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

For these colored dresses, feel free to enhance your complexion wearing a bold crimson or dark red lipstick on your pout in a matte finish. The additional pop of color is sure to keep all eyes on you.

Winter white
Fashionistas who want to be daring by wearing winter white may need something equally as bold on their face. The gorgeous Jessica Pare of "Mad Men" recently achieved the perfect makeup while wearing white and girls everyone need to take notice, the news source reports.

Pare accentuated her perfect pout using a fresh, tangerine-inspired lipstick in a matte finish. You could try a similar color or opt to go a bit lighter wearing a peach-toned hue instead. The key to achieving either look is to prep your lips ahead of time - no one wants bits of dead skin poking through their tangerine lips!

To keep your lips lovely, grab a face cloth and wet it in warm water. Next, apply the cloth to your lips and leave it there for between one to two minutes. After the allotted time, start to rub the cloth over your lips in small circles in order to remove dead skin or other imperfections. When the lips are ready, swipe on a lip balm to lock in moisture and then apply the main event - the bold lipstick.

Since the lips are the star of this trend, keep the rest of your makeup minimal - a touch of blush on your cheeks and warm eye makeup will be beautiful.

Shimmering in sequins
If you're opting to shine - literally - by wearing a sequin-covered gown, it may be hard to decide what makeup will look best. The beauty experts at InStyle report during the holidays it's OK to rock sparkle on sparkle, though the key is moderation.

Ladies looking to steal the show in their sparkling numbers should add touches of glitter to their eyes using shimmer-infused eyeshadow. Try finding a soft champagne hue to apply on your top lids and then add a bit more drama by way of a gold product at the inner corners. The mix will be soft, yet powerful. Make sure to complete the look by wearing volumizing mascara.

Lace and gemstones
Ladies wearing lace will want to soften up their look by wearing a light pink lipstick and a similar toned blush. Women opting for gemstones in their accessories should try to incorporate the color of their jewels into their eyeliner colors - going bold is the key to achieving success. 

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