Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
The makeup that looks best with your hair

Makeup does not often discriminate - people of all hair colors can wear a number of eyeshadow palettes or lip colors. However, there are certain cosmetics that look especially radiant on girls with golden, auburn, chestnut and ginger locks, according to Marie Claire.

Brunettes can wear brighter makeup than most girls and still look fresh, the news outlet reports. A bright orange lipstick will bring out chocolatey hues in your mane, but make sure your brows are defined. Chestnut-haired beauties can also pull of other bright colors like raspberry red lips.

Platinum blondes can run into trouble with too much color - pink lip color and bright eyeshadow can make you look more like Barbie than the trendsetter you are. The publication reports that blondes can balance out colorful makeup with blush and bronzer that ensure your skin won't look washed out. If you wear dark and neutral-toned eyeliners to help your eyes stand out, complement them with a lighter lip color.

Gingers may think they will have more trouble than most girls with makeup color, but layering eyeliner or eyeshadow shades like deep plum with brown is a good way to incorporate color without competing with your stunning red locks. Play up your neutral makeup palette with shimmery shadows, and try a plum-shade lip color. However, red heads don't have to avoid bright colors altogether. Elle magazine points out that red headed stars like Emma Stone rock the red lips with class. 

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