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The top 3 beauty rules you should break

You are probably familiar with many classic beauty "rules," whether you've read about them or heard them from your mom or a friend. However, we all know that some rules were just meant to be broken, and that's definitely the case with some of the most classic (and outdated) beauty rules.

Here are the ones you should avoid to be a fearless cosmetic rebel. You might just discover a look that is perfect for you!

You must line your lips with lip liner that matches your lipstick

Lip liner was designed to provide definition to lips and boost a lipstick's staying power, but if you line the perimeter of your lips in the same color as your lipstick, you will have an unsightly ring left over when your lip color wears off. To reap maximum benefits from your liner, color your whole lip in with it, then top with lipstick, recommends.

Redheads can't rock red lips

If you think red lips will clash with red hair, think again. This outdated beauty rule has been broken by Hollywood beauties like Emma Stone and Amy Adams, and you can do the same. Although these crimson lips look classic on anyone, make sure to pick a color with an undertone that matches your skin tone, Women's Health Magazine recommends.

Your makeup palette should match your outfit

Where's the fun in this rule? In addition to being boring, being too matchy with certain makeup palettes can come off too strong - especially if you're wearing bold hues. Never be afraid to mix and match, wearing eyeshadow colors that complement, not match exactly, with your clothes.

When in doubt, wear makeup in lighter shades than your clothes - a soft pink lip gloss with a raspberry top, for example, or a light gray eyeshadow with a charcoal dress. 

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