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Top makeup trends from the runway for spring

Everyone knows that the way to be ahead of the upcoming trends in fashion and cosmetics is to watch what styles are popping up at the hottest runway shows. According to Elle Girl Magazine, spring may not be here just yet, but the most popular trends for the upcoming season have already made their appearance on the catwalks.

These top five looks might help you nab that cute guy from your biology class as your prom date or might just help you express your personality when roaming the halls between classes.

A hot trend on the runways right now is a new school version of the cat eye. The magazine reports that the updated classic 60s mod look made its mark at the Jonathan Saunders show. From a distance, the style may seem to resemble the original cat eye to a T, however up close or if you shut your eyes or look downward, the drama is over-the-top gorgeous.

Glamour Magazine also spotted this trend and called the look "fierce and ultra-exaggerated."

To achieve this new sassy version, Elle Girl suggests using liquid eyeliner in jet black. Start applying the product at the inner corner of the eye and then draw a line that stops underneath the end of the eyebrow. Tip: Try to imagine you could draw a straight line from the end of your eyebrow to the extended line of the eyeliner. Next, start a new line from the corner of your eye and draw it up so that it meets the end of the line you previously created - making a triangle. Then fill in the triangle and viola, cat eye 2.0 is complete. If you mess up or smudge the lines, try using makeup brushes and a pale matte blush or eyeshadow in nude to mask the imperfections and smooth the lines.

Metallic toned eyeshadow is all over the fashion world and although you might be over it, designer Phillip Lim is not. During his show, his models rocked super bright silver metallic toned eyeshadow in surprising spots on their eyes.

When attempting this style, you should look for the richest most shimmering silver eyeshadow you can find. You might benefit from getting a 120 eyeshadow palette in metallics to find a suitable tone for sure. After you find the desired hue, get a makeup brush and moisten it with a dab of water. Then dab it into the color - this helps to slide the eyeshadow thick and smoothly on your lids. Take the brush and start at the inner corner of your eye and trace around your eye crease - without touching your lash line. Lastly, add a ton of jet black mascara to increase the drama even more.

Color blocking isn't just for those trendy sundresses, it can also be used for your face. Designer Derek Lam color blocked his models for his recent show, however he used more mellow, earthy eyeshadow colors over bright hues.

To get this style which stands out in a surprising way, look through your eyeshadow palette for shades like canary yellow and chocolate brown. Cover your lid with the pale yellow tone until the crease and apply the brown hue directly under your brows to achieve the color block feel. A clear lip gloss on your lips will push the trend over the top.

The other stand out trends on the runway for spring include dewy, glossy eyes as seen at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show and doll lashes which popped up on models during the Anna Sui runway show.

To get glossy lids you'll need to use a matte bronzer or concealer and apply it all over your eyelids. Then glide on an illuminating, light catching cream or blush to get the desired flesh-toned color.

For doll eyes, all that's needed is volumizing mascara in jet black. After applying the product, spread and elongate each lash to help them seem even longer. To be more dramatic with this look, add bold red lipstick with tangerine undertones. Glamour Magazine reports that lipsticks in shades of mango with yellow undertones will also be big come spring.

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