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Top tips for enhancing your pout

Let's face it, unfortunately not all ladies are created with perfectly pouty lips. Some girls are overflowing with kissable, soft lips, while others are faced with flat, thin varieties. Although having luscious lips is a major plus, there are plenty of ways to fake it for ladies lacking in this department, Glamour Magazine reports.

Line away

The best way to make your lips look fuller in no time is play around with lip liners. This doesn't mean you should use the pencil to go well beyond your natural lip line, but rather to extend them a subtle amount. Going about a centimeter above your natural line is a happy medium, the news outlet reports. With liners it's also important to stick to shades that closely match either your natural lip color or the lipstick shade you plan on wearing that night. This way, the liner will blend in with the lips, rather than look obvious (circa 1990).

A little gloss goes a long way

InStyle Magazine also discussed ways in which ladies with lacking lips can create the illusion of fuller pouts. The experts suggest girls with thin lips try using lip gloss as a way to enhance their lips. Glossy or shiny finishes help to make lips look much fuller than lipsticks that are matte or opaque.

Brighten up

Both InStyle and Glamour also recommend ladies looking to improve their pouts should embrace colors. Lipsticks in the berry family - such as cranberry and strawberry - tend to look natural while also helping to pep up naked lips. Try out a few different shades to see which one works best with your skin tone and also try applying a layer of lip gloss on top of the hue for even more drama. 

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