Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Under eye circles be gone!

With school and work starting for many young ladies around the nation, it's time to get back to reality whether you're ready or not. Part of getting back into the swing of an early morning routine is finding ways to cover up the dark circles under your eyes that tend to creep up after staying up all night studying or working on that presentation. No matter how prepared you may be for your workload the next day, your face will never show it with these imperfections.

Glamour Magazine recently discussed the top tricks for hiding dark circles with a professional makeup artist. The stylist shared the inside scoop on fixing this annoying problem in a flash.

The artist's top secret is to brighten up the imperfection rather than try to cover it up.

"Apply your under-eye brightener in an inverted triangle under the eye - what I call my signature 'Triangle of Light' - to lift and light up your face," she told the news provider.

To try this trick at home, start by finding a concealer or foundation that has shimmer in it and then apply the product using your finger or a soft makeup pad. Make the base of the triangle run along your bottom lash line and then form the top going down toward the top of your cheeks.

InStyle Magazine reports there are a few other ways to minimize the appearance of dark circles. First, the experts suggest using a cream that contains alpha hydroxy acids at night as this will help to thicken the skin and diminish hyperpigmentation (dark circles).

The second tip from the style gurus is for ladies to search out cream-based concealers with yellow undertones. The yellow hue helps to counteract the purple color that pops up when you're overly tired or stressed.

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