Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Use your makeup to feel like a star everyday

Every girl longs to have a fabulous makeover like the ones seen in movies, however this dream hasn't become a reality until now. Elle Magazine's associate accessories editor, Jodi Belden, admitted to her company that she has always been a "plain Jane," though she decided she wanted to be bold in 2012.

The makeup experts on site decided to help this lost cause and Belden agreed to showcase her transformation to help others struggling to find their cosmetic niche.

For ladies who have little time to fuss over new trends, staying basic and simple is the way to go. Belden told the source that for her, the new trick she's learned is to play up the eyes and use a fabulous lip gloss.

Try rimming your eyes in jet black eyeliner and then use it to smudge some color on your lids as well. Adding a touch of your clear lip gloss on your eyes right below the brow line will give you an added glow.

Girls night out can be a great time to try out new sassy looks. Belden chose to go a bit overboard - opting for wild, long false eyelashes on her upper and lower lids.

"I amp up my fresh-face routine with two sizes of false lashes - one on top and one on the bottom," Belden confesses to Elle. "I trim the lashes to fit, then apply the top strips first. My girlfriends go so crazy for the look, I consider making it a Friday-night tradition."

Play up the sultry lashes with light pink or creamy white eyeshadow to make your eyes pop even more. A similar shade of lipstick will also create balance to the look.

Ladies who follow Friday night with a Saturday morning brunch or shopping still need to look good. Some girls might assume that the weekends mean it's time to lounge around in sweats while wearing little to no makeup, however you never know where you're going to meet Mr. Right and you certainly won't want to look like a hot mess when you do.

Belden suggests making your lips the focal point for such occasions. Try something funky like a subdued magenta, or just go with old faithful - red lips in a matte or lip gloss finish. A pop of color on your cheeks is also a must. Fresh pink powder or a dewy bronzer can bring some much-needed life to your face.

Every woman has had the moment when she realizes her alarm clock didn't go off and now has 20 minutes to get herself ready for work. Instead of panicking over what to wear, just let your lip palette do the talking. A fresh fuchsia toned lipstick will not only work as your accessory for the day, it may also put you in a cheery mood. Add a touch of mascara and if you have time, sweep a touch of blush over your cheekbones with makeup brushes. Add a headband or bow to your hair for a put together look.

Ladies looking to impress a certain coworker or even their bosses can use their eyeshadow palettes to stand out. According to Belden, having a perfect cat eye in a bold color can prove you're comfortable in your skin and not afraid of taking risks.

To achieve this look successfully, outline the wing shape with a thin pencil, then fill it in with a vibrant color such as electric blue or lavender. Clean up the lines using a slanted makeup brush dipped in eye primer.

The best way to be ready for anything is to have options. Ladies who love to constantly change up their looks should be fully stocked with plenty of lipstick colors, blush tones and at least a 120 eyeshadow palette.

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