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Victoria Justice talks beauty must-haves

Most ladies out there know Victoria Justice for her hit show "Victorious" as well as for her natural good looks and beautiful voice. The young singer and actress recently opened up to SELF Magazine about her favorite beauty tips and tricks, and you'll want to steal a few for sure!

Always wash your face

Justice told the magazine her cardinal rule in beauty care is always washing her face before bed. Whether she's wearing makeup or not, it's one beauty step she never misses.

"I wash off my makeup every night before bed. It's my number-one rule for good skin," Justice admitted to the news outlet.

Take charge of your imperfections

Being a busy entertainer leaves Justice with some weird hours to sleep, which is why she always carries around a concealer to hide her dark circles. The actress reports having dark circles exposed makes her feel even more tired, so covering them up actually improves her overall mood, not just how she looks.

Glamour Magazine suggests ladies try to find a shimmering light-reflective product to cover up dark circles. First apply your normal face primer and then the shimmering product in order to really help brighten the shadowy area.

Go natural

With summer here, Justice is happy to say she follows the motto less is more when it comes to using hair and makeup products. She told SELF everyone looks better in the summer, with tans and positive attitudes, so she usually applies a touch of product on her face - maybe lip gloss or mascara - and a bit of defrizzer to her hair.

"I like an almost-no-makeup look," Justice told SELF regarding her makeup style. "I wear a bit of blush, waterproof mascara and a lip color with a sheer finish. Done!"

As for her hair, this routine is quite simple as well.

"I don't do intricate braids or hard-to-master updos. Just fresh, clean-smelling hair, worn down," Justice told the news outlet. "I try not to overuse styling products, especially in the summer, because they dull hair and take away the pretty, natural shine."

Be original

Justice may be natural during the day, but she enjoys playing up her best features when she's going out for a night on the town with friends. She said her favorite look right now is the cat eye - when either eyeliner or eyeshadow extends out past the brow lines on the top lids. However, she creates her own color depending on her mood.

"I swirl a wet eyeliner brush in brown shadow, then swipe it along my lash line and a little past the corner for an easy cat eye," Justice tells fans in the magazine.

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