Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Ways to look more polished

Playing with cosmetics and trying out the latest trends can be a blast. However, if you try on too many different styles at the same time, you may end up looking more like a clown that a fashionista. There is no need to fret, as InStyle Magazine recently broke down how to work the latest trends while still looking polished and put together.

Find your staples: The best way to work any new trends is to figure out what items work together. A professional makeup artist reports that most ladies look perfect with an eye and lip combo. The makeup artist suggests girls experiment with shades and colors to find eyeshadow that is both sassy and works for day and night. You may want to pick up an eyeshadow palette with tons of options like BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette for plenty of colors to choose from. The professional makeup artist recommends smokey brown eyes and muted red lips.

"The colors should be pretty and modern but not overly trendy," the makeup artist told the magazine.

Be shine-free: Everyone knows oily skin can put a real damper on how you feel. Oil can not only make your skin seem shiny, but can also emphasize imperfections on your complexion - something no girl wants. The best way to keep oil at bay is to start off your morning ritual using products that hide and prevent oil, like face primer and foundation. The magazine suggests ladies look for a foundation that is neither dewy nor overly powdery. Finding a mix of the two will work best to both blend in with your natural skin tone and hide blemishes or other imperfections. Try to find a product with micronized powders to control the oil and give your skin a matte finish.

Glamour Magazine suggests that ladies apply their foundation using makeup brushes rather than applying it with their fingers. This can help to alleviate any lines or a caked-on appearance.

Wake up earlier: Giving yourself more time to get ready in the morning may seem like an unnecessary evil, but the old saying, "pain is beauty" certainly rings true. InStyle Magazine reports that getting up earlier will give you ample time to try on a few outfits and then match you cosmetics to each look. Plus, if you mess up on one eye or smudge your lip gloss on your shirt, you have time repair the damages without getting stressed.

Know how to apply lipstick: Applying lipstick may seem like a no brainer, but perfecting the art of coloring your lips is crucial to always looking your best. Elle Magazine reports the key to having a perfect pout starts with exfoliation. No one wants to see remnants of dry skin mixed in with their hot pink or deep red lip color. To avoid this, always rub a warm face cloth on your lips in the morning to remove any unwanted particles. Next, you need to apply a lip primer, which helps keep the color of your choice on your lips - rather than on your teeth or anywhere else embarrassing. Run a lip liner around your lips, but make sure it is a tad lighter than the lip color you're going to use. Finally, apply the lipstick and dab with a paper towel, then repeat.

Keep your cosmetics organized: The best way to be polished and put together is to keep all of your makeup tools in a neat space, like in the Cosmetics Bag by BH Cosmetics. This chic case perfectly houses multiple makeup palettes and has specifically designed areas to keep blush and bronzer safe. By having all of your beauty products in one convenient place, you'll always have what you need at your fingertips.

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