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What you need to look your best on the beach

When you pack your bag for the beach, you might not think to grab your makeup bag and throw it in. While you might not need heavy eyeshadow or foundation when you are having fun in the sun, there are some beauty essentials that you should definitely bring along.

Lauren Conrad told Glamour Magazine that she stows certain products in her makeup bag before she hits the beach. This California girl knows how to protect her skin - the most important items she packs are sunless tanning wipes and sunblock, the news outlet reports. Getting a nice, sunless tan before you head to the shore will make you less tempted to skip the sunblock when you're in your swimsuit.

At the same time, Conrad knows that a fake bake is no excuse to skip the sunscreen. She slathers SPF 50 on her face and SPF 40 or higher all over her body. There will be no wrinkles on this beach babe later in life!

If you do want to wear some eye makeup at the beach, make sure the cosmetics you choose are waterproof. Many eyeliners and mascaras come in waterproof varieties, and some cream eyeshadow can withstand dips in the ocean. 

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