Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
What's your signature makeup style?

Makeup can really make or break an entire ensemble and many times having a signature look is best, as you always know what you look great in and you can pair your choices with each outfit confidently. Although many women have their makeup looks locked down, younger ladies may be wondering what works for them in order to look great at all times as they age.

According to InStyle magazine, most ladies will fall into a specific group - either bombshell, classic, sexy, boho or trendy. Girls who understand which category they fall into will have an easier time pulling looks throughout their lives. Once a girl has settled on a specific group, it's vital to find out what makeup coincides with it.

Bombshells typically want all eyes on them, which is why most in this category will need lips that stand out. Shades of red lipstick tend to work best - make sure it's a rich crimson to achieve the va-va-voom status. False lashes are also a must - as these work to achieve the coveted "doe-eye" look. Find lashes that feel comfortable and then load them up with jet black mascara to pump up the volume even more.

For ladies looking for a more classic, always chic style, start with a beige lipstick. The magazine suggests finding a shade that has a slick sheen to it to enhance the appearance of the lips. A light pouty pink will also give off a classic vibe, though in a more youthful fun way. Because the lips are understated in this choice, girls can play up their makeup through an array of eyeshadows. Find one that has a huge range, like a 120 eyeshadow palette, to really go wild. For everyday wear, select colors like browns, purples or dark blues to look elegant every time.

Girls looking to ooze femininity may want to select makeup that will make others jealous. InStyle recommends using a killer lip gloss in shades of deep red to achieve this look. Try a lip stain that will last all day. Mascara is another huge component of this vibe - find one that will elongate the lashes, creating thick, volumized lashes that will surely make any girl stand out. Create a smokey eye as well using eyeshadow palettes in shades of black, silver and gray. A touch of pinky-peach blush on the cheekbones will create a healthy look to your skin tone.

Boho ladies like Kate Hudson or Miley Cyrus always look refreshed and glowing as if they just got back from the beach. To achieve a similar style start with a nude or sheer lip gloss. One with a touch of bronzer and sparkle will work to push the easy breezy feel over the top. Bronzer on the entire face is also a must if following this trend - try to find a shade that is just a touch darker than your actual skin tone as using a too-dark version may make you look like Snooki - never a good thing. Find one with a touch of sparkle to get the total "glow" effect. These ladies always look like they're wearing little to no makeup at all, so the addition of a dark mascara is all that's required for the eyes.

Trendy starlets like Katy Perry and Rihanna have one thing in common - they aren't afraid of taking risks. The key to having this attitude is being comfortable wearing some kooky yet incredible cosmetics. Being trendy means using your imagination for sure, so purchasing an 88 eyeshadow palette should do the trick. Find one that has a lot of brights - magenta, neon yellow and lavender are all fun and still flattering. For an evening look try using an eyeliner in a metallic blue to really stand out - add shades of gray eyeshadow to create a smokey eye all your own. A lipstick in hot pink with a glossy finish will further emphasize that you're here for a good time.

No matter what style maven you find yourself to be, having fun with the latest makeup trends is key to expressing yourself and standing out.

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