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Will black eyeshadow be your prom look?

Black eyeshadow has been a staple in women's makeup palettes for decades. From creating the perfect smokey eye to giving a defined line to the lashes, this shade can create looks that range from natural and dramatic. This is why it might be the perfect option for your prom makeup this year. Here are two ways to wear black eyeshadow that create incredibly different looks.

Wing out, don't wig out

Even though prom is in the spring, you may be able to use Lanvin's fall runway looks as inspiration. Allure Magazine reports the designer's models wore black eyeshadow on the outer corners of their eyes, giving lashes a doll-like look.

To do this, start applying the black shadow from the center of your eyelid, hugging your lashline and then sweeping upward to a thick cat eye at the outer corner. Wear a light peach or shimmery tan shadow on the rest of your lid.

Grunge-y glamour

Nothing says grunge like smudged black eyeliner and shadow, but there is a way to translate this look to prom. Take a cue from Diane Von Furstenberg's fall 2012 models, who wore black eyeshadow slightly smudged on the outer corners of their eyes, providing dimension and drama without the raccoon effect.

The key is to stay away from the inner corners of your eyes with black shadow, so as not to create the appearance of dark bags under your eyes. Instead, apply a thin line of shimmery black eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes, on both upper and lower lash lines, like a sideways V, using a flat liner brush. Then, smudge slightly. Red lips are a bold way to complete this edgy look.

For both of these looks, keep the rest of your makeup palette relatively simple, with light bronzer and a warm blush palette.

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