Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Would you try a unibrow?

Most girls do everything they possibly can to get rid of the little hairs in between their eyebrows in order to avoid the embarrassing unibrow. However, designer Maya Hansen recently showed off her love for the style during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring/Summer 2013.

Models in the designer's show were perhaps meant to give an ode to the great painter Frida, though the style may not be well-received by the rest of the fashion world. Ladies walking the runway in the show were given thick, yet sleek, unibrows meant to look as though they actually extended from their own brows.

Although the unibrow may be too much for even the most fashion-forward divas out there, the rest of the models' makeup was lovely and elegant. Each model wore a lovely shiny red lipstick on their perfect pouts. Stylists then enhanced their naturally high cheekbones by applying tons of golden bronzer starting from the apple of their cheeks and upward toward their temples. Their eyes stood out with bold cat eye makeup on the top lids that was extended well past their brow lines. 

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