Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Are bright pink lips a must?

With August just around the corner, time is running out for fashionistas to try out the top summer trends in makeup and clothes. One trend that should not be overlooked is rocking bright pink lipstick. InStyle Magazine reports this style not only helps ladies stand out and seem totally secure, but it also looks great on all skin types.

Model Coco Rocha recently rocked the style well and the fashion magazine broke down how to wear a similar version.

Avoid chapping

When wearing any bright hues, the number one rule to abide by is to have perfectly smooth lips. Nothing says fashion train wreck like a lady trying to rock a bold lipstick with flecks of dead skin protruding through.

Glamour Magazine suggests ladies looking to avoid this issue start by prepping their lips beforehand. To achieve soft, kissable lips try wetting a face cloth with warm water and then applying the cloth directly on your lips for a minute or two. After the allotted time, start to rub the cloth on your lips in a circular motion to remove any dry or dead skin. This should help keep imperfections at bay.

Pout prep

Once your lips are smooth, it's time to help keep the color in place. InStyle suggests ladies apply a lip primer before wearing any bright or bold hues to help keep the color where it's supposed to be. Leave the product on for about a minute before going for the hue.

Be bold

Now that your lips are set, feel free to apply a layer of the bold pink lipstick. Work from the inner areas to the outer corners for the best application. After the first round of lipstick, dab your lips with a folded tissue to remove any clumps. Then apply another layer of the color and even clear lip gloss for a dewy style.

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