Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Be daring: Rock red lipstick in a matte finish during the day

Some ladies might assume that rocking red lipstick in a matte finish during the day might be too-hot-to-handle, but fashion chameleon Rihanna, shows this just isn't so. Glamour Magazine liked her bold choice so much that the experts decided to tell you how to rock a similar lip color with confidence.

The important step involved with this look is making sure the rest of your face - and even your hair - is perfect. This means applying the right shade of foundation with makeup brushes to distribute the product evenly and also keeping your hair frizz-free and your earrings sparkling. This might seem like a lot of work, but beauty is not easy, right?

Next, the magazine suggests finding a red shade that is a bit muted and less candy-apple toned, as a brighter hue can take away from your overall style. Once you find the correct shade, prep your lips for the application. Women's Health Magazine suggests taking a warm washcloth and pressing it against your lips for a full minute to saturate the skin and to remove any chapped skin or imperfections. After this, Glamour suggests using a lip primer to ensure the bold color sticks. Next, apply the tone to complete your sassy and daytime friendly red lips.  

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