Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Be pretty in pink

Many girls have heard that orange and red lipstick are currently all the rage in the fashion world. Although it's OK to conform to popular trends from time to time, true fashionistas know that the way to be fashion forward is to stand out. This is why ladies should consider rocking pink lips instead.

Teen Vogue recently gave its best advice for pulling off the perfect red lip, however you can simply alter the techniques to make your pink lips look perfect too.

First, start by removing any dead skin on the lips by using a lip scrub to get them super soft. Allure Magazine also suggests buffing your lips with a damp washcloth to achieve the same result. Next, dab on a bit of concealer or cream blush to create an even canvas and ensure the natural pigment on your lips is completely hidden. Once your lips are prepped, it's time to apply the color.

Teen Vogue Magazine suggest beginning the application in the center of your mouth. You can feel free to apply the lipstick straight out of the tube or by using makeup brushes for better blending. Once the center is sufficiently covered, start going outwards to the corners of your lips. According to the source this method allows you to "slowly build up color and control intensity."

After it looks perfect, blot it and reapply the lip color to make sure it's long lasting.

Allure Magazine adds that for extra long staying power, try applying a layer of lip pencil on your lips in a matching shade or one shade lighter than your lipstick.  

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