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Can red lipstick be casual?

Red lip color continues to be a trend in Hollywood, both on and off the red carpet. Although this fab color may be a perfect choice for that black tie affair, can it also work in a more casual setting? Glamour Magazine recently pondered this question and found that certain shades may be acceptable for a daytime or laid back gathering, but other hues are strictly for the fancy events. 

Reds that can be casual include more bright and fun varieties. Shades that boast pink or tangerine undertones can easily be worn to the beach, a barbeque or shopping with friends. However, deep shades like crimson or cranberry should be reserved for more serious venues.

The debate on which reds are casual may be over, but that doesn't mean these colors will work for all skin tones. Red is a finicky hue, so it's important ladies understand what reds work with their skin tones to wear it right - for any occasion.

InStyle Magazine reports ladies with blonde hair and fair skin look best in a true red - meaning a lip color with a hint of blue in it. Girls with blonde hair and medium skin like Cameron Diaz are perfect in red lipstick with orange undertones, while women with blonde hair and dark skin are best in reds with warm undertones, as this option helps warm up a person's complexion.

Women with red hair and fair skin will look their best with reds that have coral or orange undertones, makeup artist Fiona Stiles told the publication.

"People always tell redheads not to wear red, but the way I see it is that you already have a dramatic look, so you might as well just go with it," Stiles told the magazine. "Look for corals or orange-reds. Most redheads have soft pink undertones in their skin, so reds that lean towards the rosy side look really modern and unexpected."

Ladies with dark hair and fair skin like Leighton Meester are perfect in deep cherry-red shades, while women with dark hair and medium skin are lovely in deep reds with blue undertones.

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