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Forget "Bad Romance" this fall is all about a dark romance

Autumn is right around the corner and as you put away your favorite sundress in exchange for comfy sweaters and boots, you should also take the time to revamp your makeup routine. reports there is a lot to love about fall when it comes to cosmetics and the experts recently broke down what's to come and what you'll want to be rocking in less than a month.

Goth: Glam style

The fashion experts at Style report goth is making a comeback for fall, though there is no need to be scared off. Instead the vibe is more romantic and enchanting over frightening and intense. The first hint of the new style showed up at the Gucci runway show where models looked edgy, and lovely.

To rock the modern goth/glam style, start by finding a deep red lipstick and a lip liner that is a shade darker (perhaps somewhere in the purple family). This will be the highlight of the style, so select a hue that is intense enough to stand on its own. Next apply a touch of pink blush on your cheeks and use black eyeliner on only your top lids. Add deep brown eyeshadow under your brow lines to create depth and darkness and voila! You've got the look down pat.

Purple party

Another big trend on the fall runway shows was the use of gloss over deep red lips and purple accents on the eyes. Models at the Yves Saint Laurent show wore this trend and you can too. To begin, find an ultra dark brown-red lip hue and then shine it up like an apple using ultra shine gloss on top. Keep your cheeks simple with just a hint of blush and then go to town with purple on your peppers. Start by rimming your bottom lashes in metallic silver eyeliner and then use soft, lilac purple eyeshadow under the liner and up to the eyebrows on your top lids. Make sure to apply a few layers for it to show up.

Browns, black and deep neutrals oh my!

Rocking the goth style can also be made more neutral, yet no less appealing, using products in the brown, gold, copper and berry families. Style reports a great way to look chic and elegant is to wear a muted chocolate brown lipstick on your pout and golden bronzer on your cheeks. For the eyes, start by rimming them in deep brown eyeliner and then applying tons of shimmering copper eyeshadow on your top lids all the way up to the brow lines.

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