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Get the Lauren Conrad look

The always adorable and stylish Lauren Conrad has proved her California girl attitude works for all occasions. During a recent appearance, LC made sure to stand out and keep her style elegant in a fun and youthful way.

Glamour Magazine reports the former reality TV starlet donned a fresh red and tangerine-toned lipstick on her pout, a touch of peach product on her cheeks and her go-to cat-eye style. To achieve a similar look to LC, you'll need to pick up a few products including different shades of lipstick with red and tangerine undertones, a nude or gold-tinted gloss, peach blush, black liquid eyeliner and gold and cream eyeshadow.

Loud lips
The bold lips LC sported during this recent appearance were a bit out of the norm for the typically predictable starlet/clothing designer - but we certainly appreciate the breath of fresh air. To achieve this gorgeous style, start by ensuring your lips are prepped and polished - there is nothing worse than wearing a fabulous lipstick then having it ruined by bits of dead skin.

To avoid such imperfections start by wetting a face cloth with warm water and holding the damp cloth pressed to your lips for between one and two minutes. After the allotted time, start moving the cloth around on your lips in a small circular motion to remove any loose or dead skin. Since you'll be wearing a bold hue, you should next apply a lip primer and then let the product set for another one to two minutes. Once the lips are perfect, begin to swipe on the red/orange hue - apply a few layers for more drama. Complete the lips by applying a layer of gloss.

Cherub cheeks
The fashion-forward LC knew better than to have wild lips, cheeks and eyes, and instead she opted for the right choice - keeping her cheeks simple. The author swiped a light layer of peach-toned product on the apples of her cheeks, pushing the product up toward her temples for the most natural feel. Conrad added a drop of Vaseline on her cheeks, which worked to give her a lovely dewy complexion.

Signature eyes
One thing LC does know about is perfecting the retro cat-eye. She proved this point once again for this event, starting by applying a soft gold eyeshadow on her top lids, then switching to a lighter cream color from her crease lines to her brow lines. Conrad moved on to her favorite product - black liquid eyeliner - by swiping the product on thinner at the inner corner of her eyes on top and gradually making it thicker as she winged it out past her brow lines at the outer corners.

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