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Go bold with burgundy

Go big or go home seems to be the attitude for fall 2012, as both the makeup and style trends have presented heavy fabrics and bold, deep cosmetic looks. Ladies looking to try their hand at this trend surly needn't look any further, as Lauren Conrad's blog, The Beauty Department, recently explained how to rock burgundy lips right.

Products for success
Before trying out this dark and sassy lipstick trend, you'll need to pick up the right supplies. LC reports fans of this style will need a burgundy-toned lip liner, metallic gold eyeshadow and a burgundy lipstick. You may also want to purchase lip primer to help lock the red-toned lipstick in place - so it doesn't end up on your teeth or your clothes.

Step one
When you have the products, it's time to begin the transformation. Start by filling in your lips with the lip liner to help create a solid base for the top layer of the lipstick. This not only works as a starting point, but also helps the lipstick last longer. This may seem easy, but there is a specific method that works best, according to LC. Apply the liner starting at the outline of your lips and then go back in and fill the inside with an even layer.

Step 2
Once your lip liner application is perfected, apply a layer of the actual lipstick on top - either straight from the tube or using a lip brush. If you aren't pleased with the color, try adding on a second coat, or even a third, until you feel confident in the hue.

Step 3
For the real dazzle, next dip your finger into the gold shadow, making sure to get a decent amount on it. Next, stamp your finger onto the center of your bottom lip (while your lips are open). Dip your finger in the eyeshadow again and then repeat the step on the center of your top lip. You should be able to see the gold a bit, but not enough to overwhelm the burgundy hue. Feel free to stamp and apply until you think the lips are perfected. You can then decide to leave the look as is, or opt to swipe on a layer of clear gloss for added shine.

With such dramatic lips, you'll want to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. A swipe of color on your cheeks and neutral hues on your eyes will be perfect.

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