Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
How lip gloss can make you look like a star

Everyone knows how red lips can give your makeup palette an old Hollywood vibe, or how pink lip color can make you look super trendy. However, Glamour Magazine reports that some stars have been rocking light pink or nude lips and are looking just as chic!

At the London photocall for the movie Battleship, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker both looked stunning in a similar high gloss lip palette in shades of beige-y pink. Rihanna's nude lips were the perfect fit with her olive green dress, blonde curls and tan eyeshadow. While the singer demonstrated how this megawatt lip gloss can go with neutral tones, Decker looked just as great matching the gloss with a darker eyes and pink blush.

The model and actress wore a deep pink blush with just enough bronzer to warm up her skin tone. She also lined her eyes with black eyeliner and smudged it into her eyeshadow palette for a subtle smokey look. Her lip gloss brought out the natural pink hue of her lips and cheeks.

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