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How to look alive in the dead of winter

If you're like most people in the Northern U.S. in January, your skin is less than a few shades from pasty. But just because it's the dead of winter, you don't need to look like a corpse. Everyone knows how bad it is to go tanning, and you don't have to risk cancer just to get a healthy glow this time of year. With the help of a few cosmetics, your skin will be looking alive in no time.

Marie Claire reports that silver makeup palettes are perfect for pale skin. Try lining your eyes with a silver liquid eyeliner to make your eyes pop, or swipe on some silver and purple shadow - this cool palette is the perfect eyeshadow for brown eyes, but also looks stunning on green, hazel and blue.

When your skin resembles Snow White's, having the right shade of blush is important. A muted mauve blush might be good for every day, but a brighter raspberry hue can make your cheeks truly glow.

Lip color is also an important part of makeup palettes for pale skin. If you prefer lip gloss, choose one with a deep raspberry shade. You can also rock red lips on occasion, like pale skin cover girl Taylor Swift. 

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