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How to perfect the topknot trend

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Reese Witherspoon have been rocking a topknot at balls, premieres and charity events recently. This trendy take on a bun is flattering on nearly everyone because it is so versatile. Stars like Gwen Stefani have allowed their knots to come undone a bit for a messy, punk-rock vibe. Others, like Witherspoon, wear theirs slicked back and tucked away perfectly for a polished effect.

Like a classic bun, start by gathering your hair into a ponytail high up on your head and secure with an elastic. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, pinning into place with bobby pins. If you want more of a playful look, loosen the knot and let a few pieces splay out along the sides. If you are aiming for a sleek look, comb a gel or hairspray through your strands to keep them all in place.

While topknots look great accented by any type of makeup, choosing one facial feature to highlight tends to be the trend that the celebrities are choosing. Whether you play up your mouth with bold red lips or opt for heavy eyeliner and black eyeshadow around your eyes à la Kardashian, this hair style allows you to keep the attention on your gorgeous makeup palette. 

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