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Kelly Osborne plans Miley Cyrus' 19th birthday party

Miley Cyrus turns 19 tomorrow, and instead of a Thanksgiving feast, her friend and So Undercover co-star Kelly Osborne is planning a big bash to celebrate. Kelly, who hosts Fashion Police alongside Joan Rivers, is the mastermind behind Miley's birthday party.

"It's intimate, but it's going to be the sickest thing she's ever seen in her life," Kelly told E! Online. "I've got all sorts of madness and craziness."

Kelly wouldn't get into the specifics, but there is little doubt that Miley will be celebrating her birthday in style. The teen superstar will likely be decked out in the latest fashion with stunning eye makeup to match.

Miley was recently the focus of Twitter attacks on her weight, but she was quick to make a stand for curvy girls everywhere. She posted a picture of Marilyn Monroe to remind her fans that "you can be adored by thousands of men even when your thighs touch."

The Houston Chronicle reports that Demi Lovato also tweeted her support of Miley's stand against negative comments.

Hopefully the lavish birthday party Kelly Osborne is throwing will take Miley's mind off of the pressure of fame.

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