Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Learn to wear lipstick like a pro

Lipstick is making a comeback in a big way and ladies everywhere may want to jump on the fun-lips bandwagon in order to be on trend in 2012/13. Allure Magazine recently broke down the most important rules girls need to learn and live by when it comes to lipstick in order to shine and stand out - in a positive way.

Prep your pout
Nothing says tragic quite like flaky, crusty or problematic lips and this issue can be greatly enhanced if you're also wearing lipstick. To avoid such makeup woes, start each day by exfoliating your pucker. This will not only keep your lips baby soft, but will also ensure that bold red, orange, brown or any other hue will be gorgeous.

The makeup gurus at Allure believe ladies should exfoliate their lips at least twice a week - even more during the colder, drier months. An easy way to keep your pout perfect is to grab a clean face cloth and run it through warm water. Next, place the warm cloth over your lips and keep it pressed there for between one and two minutes. After the allotted time, start moving the cloth around in small circles in order to remove any dead skin or other problems. The pre-soak works to loosen up the skin, making it easier to come off once you start moving the cloth around.

After you've thoroughly exfoliated, swipe on your favorite chapstick to lock in moisture before applying bold lipstick colors.

Keep shimmer at bay
Let's face it, all ladies enjoy a bit of shimmer from time-to-time, but one place glitter and other sparkle should be kept to a minimum is on the lips. A celebrity makeup artist told the magazine, "shimmer can look cheap." This is something no fashionista ever wants. The artist instead suggests girls look for lipsticks with a creamy finish, as the formula will create a natural glow.

"Light reflection should come from moisture in the formula, not metallic pigments," the makeup guru told the publication.

Look for a bold bright that is just right
Bright is in for fall 2012 and that means ladies will want to find products that work to enhance their natural complexion. Although sometimes the bolder the better works with cosmetics - you're lips don't fall into this category. To find the right bright for you, look for hues that will benefit your unique complexion. For example, ladies with pale lips should look for a cherry red or coral-toned lipstick to stand out, while women with naturally reddish lips look best in hot pink or even orange trends. Dark-lipped beauties should find brick red or burgundy-toned lipsticks to look stylish and put together.

Learn the ways of nude
Wearing a nude-toned lipstick in fall and winter looks best with flushed cheeks and minimal eye makeup. Finding the perfect nude hue requires ladies to take a look at their natural skin tone. According to the magazine, nude lipstick should either be a bit brighter than your skin color or a bit deeper than it. Pale-skinned girls look best in a nude hue with a tint of pink in it, while people with yellow or olive-toned skin are fantastic in nudes with sandy beige undertones.

It's all about the application
Applying lipstick may seem like a no-brainer for many fashionistas, but there is actually a correct way to swipe the product on, the news source reports. The key to an even and gorgeous pout is to start applying any lipstick shade directly in the center of your lips. From here, start blending the color out toward the corners of your mouth, stopping slightly before the edges. The expert reports ladies should never apply lipstick directly on the corners of their mouths as this can give off an unpleasant "clown" look. 

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