Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Learn your best lip color

Trying to figure out what lip colors look best on you can be a real struggle. Some fashionistas have run across problems like the color looking different than the sample on the tube or the hue coming off strangely in different lighting. Although testing products on your own is the only way to truly find out what looks best on you, Allure Magazine reports there are other tips for selecting fun lip colors based on your skin type and other rules.

Embrace neutrals
When selecting a go-to lipstick shade, the first trick to keep in mind is to pick a hue that is about one shade brighter than the natural color of your lips, the news source reports. Choosing a color in this family will work to both brighten up your lips in a natural way and will help define your mouth, similar to what a coat of mascara does for your peepers. Ladies with lighter skin should typically go for a lipstick in the peach or rosy pink family, while women with darker complexions may be better off with a deeper eggplant tone.

Fashionistas should avoid matte lipsticks that are lighter than their natural lip colors as this will actually wash out your face, rather than enhance it, the magazine reports.

Tricks for trying lipstick on
You may assume that trying lipstick on is as simple as swiping it from one corner of your mouth to the other, but this is not the case. The correct way to sample lipstick is to use the middle of your lower lip as a guide. Trying the product on in daylight is also a must, as is taking a break if you've applied three or more shades in one sitting. Applying too many hues in a short period of time can stain your lips, making it hard to figure out what the colors are really like.

Try mixing trends
When you find your perfect neutral, you may be set with lipstick altogether. However, ladies looking to try current trends, such as the wine-inspired hues, can do so with ease, according to the experts at Allure. To try wild styles, start by swiping on your neutral hue and then add a thin coat of the trendy deep red lipstick on top. This will help ensure the bolder hue still works with your complexion. 

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