Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Leighton Meester is seeing orange

Leighton Meester pulled out all the stops when it came to cosmetics while attending the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend. Glamour Magazine reports the gorgeous actress went wild with her look - opting to wear tangerine lipstick and orange eyeshadow as well!

According to the source, the actress was lovely in this unique fashion and the colors popped even more thanks to her all-white ensemble and freshly tanned skin.

To achieve a similarly stunning style, start by selecting an orange lipstick you feel comfortable wearing. InStyle Magazine reports wearing orange can be a challenge, though certain shades work best for different skin tones. Ladies with dark hair and fair skin should go for a true orange hue, while women with red or blonde hair and light skin look best in a similar shade in matte finishes. Girls with darker skin and medium dark hair are perfect in tangerine shades, similar to Meester's.

Once you select a perfect shade, you'll need to figure out an outfit. It's best to keep your ensemble simple when wearing bright makeup so go for an all black, a black and white or all white dress or pants and blouse combo to keep the focus on your lips.

Glamour Magazine reports Meester kept the orange going in her look, as she also applied gold bronzer with tangerine undertones on her cheeks using makeup brushes. For her eye makeup, the "Gossip Girls" star rocked thick black eyeliner on her top lids and added peach-toned eyeshadow up to her crease lines.

If this seems like too much orange for you, just try the lip at first and use your normal or everyday cosmetics on the rest of your face. Then, as you get more comfortable, try to add in a touch more orange for a totally dramatic look. 

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