Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Live up the last of summer with lipstick

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end and as the last beach days and outdoor parties wind down, it's important to live it up with your makeup for the big finale. Cosmetics like blush, bronzer and eyeshadow are all great options for standing out in a crowd, however fun lipstick hues may be the way to cap off this summer.


A lovely way to show off your tan for a few more weeks is to accentuate your complexion with a girlie natural pink lipstick, Teen Vogue Magazine reports. This addition will not only help you seem easygoing and fun around that cute guy from your summer job, but it also shows you care about your appearance. Tip: apply a layer of chapstick before putting on this or any other shade of lipstick to ensure your pout stays flake- and chapped-free.

Deep pink

Ladies looking to enhance their lips even further may want to go for a darker, fuchsia or cranberry-inspired lipstick. This shade not only adds some major drama to your overall complexion, but it also brings instant glamour to a simple outfit. This style is perfect for a fun colored frock or even a white tank-top and shorts. The best part? It easily transitions from a daytime look to evening wear.


Coral-toned lipstick is a great way to be bold and daring, without going overboard. The hue works best on freshly tanned skin, so it may be perfect to apply it on a date with your boyfriend after you two hit up the beach or pool. Since the bright color is so intense on its own, it's best to find a product that comes in a matte finish - no gloss necessary.

Glamour Magazine reports the stunning Marion Cotillard, who stars in the blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises," wore a lovely coral hue while promoting the film recently. With a show-stopping lipstick like this, it's crucial to keep the rest of your face simple. Cotillard got the memo, opting for a touch of sun-kissed bronzer on her cheeks and similar-toned eyeshadow on her peepers.

Hot pink

There is nothing more exciting than hot pink lipstick. This color screams "look at me" but in the best way possible. This hue should be reserved for a fun event, such as a night out dancing with friends or attending a music festival - both places where you'll want to stand out. 

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