Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Long live your lipstick

Lipstick has grown in popularity over the past few years after taking a hiatus from fashion for quite some time. Now, more celebrities and fashionistas everywhere are expressing their personalities through bold lip hues. Everything from neons and brights to deep hues and matte finishes are popular in 2012, so it's time to figure out how to apply the product in the best way possible. Lauren Conrad recently discussed the most effective ways to keep lipstick on your lips on her blog, The Beauty Department.

Use lip liners

Lip liners have been called dated, but they work to keep lipstick in its place, so make it your best friend. LC reports when trying to rock a bold lip color, always start by applying a lip liner around the edge of your lips and also covering the entire pout. Doing so allows the liner to act as a base for the entire look. Tip: If you're not into lip liner feel free to use a lip primer instead for a similar effect.

Bring on the bold colors

After using liner or a primer, it's time to put on the actual shade you'll be wearing for your night out. Make sure to evenly apply the lipstick all over your lips for a polished look.

InStyle Magazine suggests ladies use a lip liner similar to the shade of lipstick they'll be using. Then, they should apply the lipstick to the middle of the lips, more so than the edges in order to blend the products without the chance of the lipstick feathering past the liner.

Blot, blot, blot

When you've applied a coat of lipstick, the next thing to do is to blot your lips using a folded tissue, The Beauty Department recommends. Open your mouth and place the halved tissue in between your upper and lower lips then press down. This step helps to remove any clumps or imperfections on your pout.

Pour on the powder

The most secretive tip LC gives out is using powder to keep lip colors in place. After blotting, load up an eyeshadow brush with loose or pressed powder and swipe the brush on your entire lip region by "pressing and swirling" the brush across the lips to create a matte finish.

Add more color

Once you've powdered, it's time to apply another layer of your lipstick of choice. It can be helpful to use a brush to apply this final coat rather than directly applying the lipstick, due to the powder.

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