Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Make a statement with your lip palette this summer

You can rock red lips and pink lip gloss all year long, but this summer might be the perfect time to make a statement with the less common colors in your lip palette. Glamour Magazine reports that colors like raspberry, bubble gum and neon coral are hot this season, so make sure you rock them right.

Wearing purple lipstick seems tricky even in the winter, but when you choose the right shade of berry, it is easy to pull off in the hottest months. If you have dark skin, you can wear a shade of merlot, but if your skin is on the lighter side, choose a raspberry shade of fuschia. Always wear dark lips with plenty of bronzer to avoid a too-drastic contrast.

There is no better time than the summer to wear bright colors, and your lips are no exception. Nearly-neon shades of coral, red and even orange are hot this season, but just make sure to let them be the focal point of your makeup palette. Save your rainbow-bright eyeshadow palettes for another day and keep your eyes natural looking.

Bubble gum pink is another fun lip color to try this summer. This hue may seem too Barbie at first, but as long as you don't match your lipstick to your outfit, you'll be trendy, not tacky. 

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