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Nicki Minaj wears all the colors of the rainbow for Allure shoot

Picking up the April issue of Allure Magazine, you will see a pop music icon who is beloved by both rap stars and 8-year-old girls. How Nicki Minaj pulls of sweet and brash at the same time is a mystery, but her cooky cosmetics could have something to do with it.

For her shoot with Allure, the "Super Bass" singer and rapper wore a number of wigs, false eyelashes and bright eyeshadow palettes. In one photo, Minaj wears a pink, curly wig that looks more like cotton candy than a hair style. On her lips, she wears a pastel pink lipstick that has become something of a signature look, with lip gloss over it. It appears as though no eyeshadow was used on the pop star, though thick liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes made for a dramatic eye makeup look.

She keeps her cotton candy lip color throughout the shoot, which is fitting for a star who loves the color as much as Minaj does. Hairstylist Terrence Davidson, who works with Minaj on her wigs, said the starlet has essentially reinvented the girly shade.

"Nicki basically owns pink," he told Allure. 

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