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Pre-date beauty checklist: What you need to make the best impression

Spring is here, and for many people that means love is in the air! If you are lucky enough to get a first date out of all this spring fever, you might be thinking about how to make the best first impression. Aside from your outfit, hair and charming personality, your makeup palette is bound to make an impact. So what look will you rock?

Light up your peepers

Everyone has their own personal preferences for how much eye makeup they like to wear, but you might be able to decide what look you're going for depending on when the date is. If it is a daytime date, you might want to keep your eye makeup looking natural. Sweep brown eyeliner across your upper lashline and wear a neutral eyeshadow palette and mascara. You might want to wear eyeshadow with a little shimmer to attract the light to your peepers.

If you have a dinner date or another nighttime activity, you might choose black eyeliner and a darker eyeshadow palette to add a little drama to your eyes.

Get ready for a potential lip lock

Your lip palette may be the most important aspect of your cosmetics for this date! It can be hard to tell whether you will lock lips with your date the first night, but it's better to be prepared! The night before the date, exfoliate your lips with lip balm mixed with sugar so they will be super soft - nothing discourages that first kiss like chapped lips and dry flaky skin!

During the date, it might be best to choose a carefree lip color. Choose something that is close to your natural lip color so that if you don't have a chance to touch it up during the date, the fading is not noticeable. Red lips are trendy, but you might consider saving these for the next date.

Lip gloss is a good option for the first date, but make sure it is not too sticky. Super-glossy lips look kissable from afar, but it may be a deterrent from that first kiss if he's afraid he'll get stuck!

The amount of foundation, powder, bronzer and blush you wear is up to you and your personal preferences. You are the only one who knows how much makeup it takes to make you feel your most beautiful, so wear what will make the most sparkling aspects of your personality come out during your date!

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