Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Take advantage of opportunities to try crazy beauty trends

It's never too late for you to join in on the funky trends that we saw throughout 2011 - from pink hair to crazy makeup and nail colors - but New Years Eve may be the best time to try one out. Glamour Magazine recommends super glittery nail polish if you want to try out a bold nail statement. If this seems too much too fast, try coating only the tips in glitter.

Wacky hair has also been a big trend of 2011. Although you may not want to dip your whole head into dye like Katy Perry or Nikki Minaj, you could rock a wig or clip in some colored extensions for the night. If you want to dye a few streaks, the news source recommends picking a shade based on your skin and eyes. The lighter these two characteristics, the lighter you can go. Darker skin tones may want to try a deep red or navy.

Eyes are the perfect place to try out funky trends. The news source recommends trying false lashes or brightening up your usual neutral eyeshadow palette with a bright hued eyeliner. To jazz up your lip color, choose a lipstick that is a few shades brighter than your usual. If you want a color that is bold but also beautiful no matter what, opt for a bright berry shade. 

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