Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
The best pastel cosmetics to wear this spring

Soft, macaroon hues are perfectly on-trend this spring. These colors are easy enough to pull off with your outfits, but it can be a little more difficult with makeup. According to, anything from seafoam green jeans to an ethereal peach top will look great. However, pastel colors can be incorporated into almost any makeup palette without looking like an Easter egg.

Pinks and peaches. Cotton candy pink is a perfectly sweet shade to wear on your nails, lips and eyes. Choose a matte eyeshadow and apply over eye primer so you get the full effect of the color without it making your eyes look red and tired. This shade is also perfect for lip gloss or lipstick. The same goes for soft shades of peach or coral, according to

Greens and yellows. These colors can be tricky to pull off with your eyeshadow palette. If you do choose pastel green eye makeup, opt for one on the blue end of the spectrum. Light yellow and turquoise also look great on nails, the news outlet reports.

Blues and purples. If you thought purple lipstick was only for winter, you thought wrong. Try a lilac shade on your lips and keep the rest of your bronzer and blush natural. This color also looks great on nails. A soft, baby blue is back this season and can be worn on eyelids as a liner or full-lid shadow. 

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