Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Time-tested beauty looks

Beauty fads come and go, but it is the ones that continue to crop up that are worth paying particular attention to. Because Glamour Magazine has been following these trends for 70 years, it has a pretty good grasp on what trends to keep on the radar.

Wavy hair graced the heads of stars like Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s and still looks perfectly pretty on today's celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians, making it one trend that is a tried and true favorite.

Certain makeup trends have also proven to be worth your while. Thick, long lashes have almost always been a symbol of beauty, and are easy to get with volumizing mascara. At the same time, "naked" hair and makeup have also long been favorite trends. Makeup artist Linda Cantello told the publication that if there is one look all women want, "it's looking like they aren't wearing makeup. It has timeless appeal," she said. Makeup palettes that don't stray far from what nature gave you often create the prettiest look.

Red lips and pale pink nails also seem to be a time-tested classic, as is the ponytail and the Cali-girl look of tousled blonde locks, the news source reports. 

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