Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Tips and tricks for perfect lipstick

With fun and colorful lipstick becoming the craze among celebrities this season, girls across the nation are probably wondering what shades work best for them and how to keep it on all day. According to InStyle magazine, choosing the best look revolves around skin tone, hair color and eye color, while making sure it lasts all day requires certain tricks of the trade.

One of the hottest lip colors right now is pink. According to the news source the best way to find which shade works for you is to smile and look at your gums. The perfect color should be about the same shade as your gums and certainly no lighter.

For an extra unique look, the magazine suggests putting on your favorite shade of pink or red lipstick and then adding a shimmery new shade of lip gloss on top in sheer gold or rose to make a hue all your own.

Girls looking for a fabulous nude lip needn't look any further than their make up palette. The news outlet reports that the way to the perfect nude is by using translucent powder - such as for your cheeks or eyes. First use a pale pink shade of lipstick, then add a dusting of powder for a matte effect.

Once you find your go-to color, make sure it sticks throughout the day by first filling your entire lip with a neutral pencil and then applying your shade of choice. 

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