Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Tips to rocking the perfect red lips

Red lips are a classic look, but you may think they are a little too dramatic for you to try. While they might be a little intense for daily life, striking red lips are a perfect way to glam up an outfit. With all the shades of lipstick that have been created, there has never been an easier time to try out this red hot trend.

One of the keys to rocking the crimson-lipped look is to make sure your lips are soft and hydrated before applying the lipstick. If you put heavy pigment on dry lips, they will soak it up and it may bleed off the edges, making it look messy overall. Using a facial or lip scrub before applying these cosmetics can help it glide on smoother, according to Teen Vogue.

Some girls have lips that are more red naturally than others. If you are trying on one of the the trendier colors like tangerine, coral or neon red, you may want to block out the natural pigment of your lips so you can get the true color of the product. Apply concealer or foundation directly to your smooch and dab it off before trying on a swoosh of color.

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