Hot Lip Color Trends (219)
Two-toned lips: Yay or nay?

Pinterest is helping people connect through fashion, trends and even what they like or dislike in the makeup world. Glamour Magazine recently found a surprising trend that only the most daring fashionistas are probably willing to try - ombre lips. That's right - wearing two different colors on your lips. Most of the looks on Pinterest went for color blocking, using reds and pinks or orange and pinks together.

Now is your chance to take it all in - ready or not.

To achieve this style start by selecting a few lip colors that you'd like to see paired together. Once you find a good selection it's time to see how they look on your lips. Tip: check out the colors in harsh or fluorescent lighting as it will show you how the shades will look when you're at school or the office.

InStyle Magazine suggests ladies start this style by exfoliating their lips because, let's face it, all eyes will definitely be on the wild fashion, so you'll want your pout to be perfect. To get your lips baby bottom smooth, wet a face cloth with warm water and then place it on your mouth for a minute. Gently start to rub the face cloth over your lips after the minute is up to remove any dead skin. When your lips are smooth, you're ready to start the transformation.

Glamour Magazine reports girls should apply a lip primer to ensure the shades stay where they're supposed to. Next, apply a candy apple red lipstick on top and a hot pink or fuchsia color on your bottom lid and see how it looks. For more drama, add a layer of lip gloss on top of both colors or even try transitioning from one color to the next.

The key to wearing this style is having fun, so go wild. 

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