Must-Have Makeup Brushes (20)
Get your cheeks in check

'Tis the season to start breaking out the blush and bronzer in order to brighten up your pale complexion. Ladies typically need to work a bit harder during the colder months to look refreshed - especially since their summer tans are long gone. Although some fashionistas may assume any old brush will do when it comes to swiping on blush, Lauren Conrad is here to dispel that rumor and show ladies exactly what brushes achieve which affects. LC broke down the differences between certain brushes on her blog, The Beauty Department.

Brushes to enhance the cheekbones
Elongating or defining the cheekbones is the goal of most ladies out there and there is a certain brush that does the trick best. When swiping on powder blush, it's best to look for brushes with natural bristles and ones that have an angled tip - this will work to sculpt and shape the cheekbones with ease. When looking for your cheekbones, gaze in the mirror and suck in your cheeks, then use the brush to apply blush on the areas that are still sticking out. For the most natural feel, apply the product in short strokes, working your way up and out toward your ears, the news source reports. 

Add life to the apples
The next most important feature to highlight is the apples of your cheeks using powder blush. For this section, again look for natural or well-made synthetic bristles that have a fat or plump body with a pointed tip. Finding the apples is a bit easier than locating your cheekbones - all you have to do is smile and look for the area that literally pops out like apples on your face. LC recommends using the brush to apply blush in swirling, circular motions directly on top of the apples for the perfect finish.

Stippling the cheeks
Stippling cream blush on your cheeks will help to add light and softness to the space and for this style you'll need to find a brush that has both natural and synthetic bristles that lay in two layers. The two-layer design of a stippling brush works to pick up multiple layers of blush, thus creating different patterns on your face when you swipe it on. Swirl the brush dipped in the product on the apples of your cheeks and then move it out along your cheekbones. Blend any edges you notice in with your fingers to ensure it looks the most natural.

Adding contours
Ladies looking to enhance their cheeks should learn about contouring using cream or powder bronzer and a brush with synthetic bristles that have a straight edge. To achieve a perfect contour dip the brush in your go-to bronzer and apply it directly under your cheekbone lines in short strokes. Swipe it on all the way up to your temples, across your hairline and under your jaw line for an instant glow.

Blend the entire look
The key to rocking a fabulous fresh faced look this fall and winter is the execution and that means ladies need to learn how to blend, LC reports. To achieve the best blend, look for a kabuki brush as this tool has short and dense bristles that make blending a cinch. This item is used for times when you want to swirl bronzer or blush on your cheeks without fuss. Tip: LC suggests ladies who use foundation on a daily bases to avoid putting the product directly on their faces and instead pour some on their hands and then dip the kabuki brush into the product and swipe in on that way. The result - a more natural application.

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