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How to nail the Tribute interviews with makeup like Katniss

After arriving at the Capitol of Panem to fight to the death in the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen has plenty of things to worry about - the least of which is her makeup palette. However, the way she looks for interviews with Caesar Flickerman does play a role in how successful she is once she's in the arena. At least, that's what her stylist Cinna says.

If you have seen the recent trailers for the much-anticipated Hunger Games movie, adapted from the best-selling novels by Suzanne Collins, you may have seen Cinna telling Katniss his goal as her stylist.

"So you're here to make me look pretty," she said to him with a hint of disdain in her voice.

"No, I'm here to help you make an impression," he replies.

With a few makeup ideas taken right out of Cinna's book, you too can make an impression when you dress up as Katniss for the movie premiere this weekend.

By the time Katniss reaches her interview with Flickerman, she already has a reputation as the Girl on Fire. That is why Cinna dresses her in a flaming red gown. He keeps her eye makeup natural though, so as to let her beauty shine.

Cheeks. Apply a rosy, beige-pink blush on your cheeks with a kabuki brush. Don't be afraid to put on a lot of this to look extra fancy like Katniss. Follow up with your regular shade of bronzer behind your cheek bones to contour your face and help your skin glow.

Eyes. Start by applying eye primer to your eyelids. This product will help your eyeshadow palette stay intact, so you will still be glowing once the movie gets out.

Line your top eyelid with a black liquid liner to give plenty of definition - remember, Katniss had a lot of lights and cameras on her. Stick with eyeliner pencil for the bottom lashline to keep your eyes from looking too done up.

Follow up with a shimmery charcoal eyeshadow that is blended over the eyeliner on your top lid only. Using BH Cosmetics' 120 eye shadow palette, you can use a number of shimmery shades of black and gray, but make sure it doesn't look too smoky and you do not color past the crease. Add a light dusting of soft mauve eyeshadow above the crease and along the brow bone, and finish with a coat of volumizing mascara.

Lips. A girly pink lip gloss is all that is needed to accentuate Katniss's pout. Choose a rosy hue like BH Cosmetics Office Queen, which has just enough shimmer to keep your lips looking dewy and fresh.

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