Must-Have Makeup Brushes (20)
Learn which brushes work with certain products

Some fashionistas out there might use a few brushes for different parts of their makeup routine, while others may rely on using one brush, or even their fingers to get the job done. With so many brushes on the market it can be hard to know which one has what job, because let's face it, they don't exactly come with owner's manuals. Luckily, Lauren Conrad has taken it upon herself to help educate the lost ladies out there on each brush's job on her blog, The Beauty Department. The tutorial is sure to shed new light on applications and may even inspire some women to get more daring with their style.

Cream foundation brushes
Girls who use a cream-based foundation to hide imperfections and to smooth out their color should look for a flat-headed or slightly-slanted brush. According to LC, this version allows the product to really be pressed down into your skin, resulting in a perfect airbrushed look. The fashionista also recommends looking for brushes made from natural bristles, as this option helps to build coverage without unpleasant streaking.

Liquid foundation brushes
Out with the natural for this type of foundation, according to LC. Instead, when using a liquid foundation, look for a densely packed flat, but wide brush with synthetic bristles. This type of brush will work to cover a lot of space in a little time - perfect for ladies trying to snag a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings. Tip: try to find a brush with all of the qualifications that is also slanted a bit, as it will help you get into to the tough spaces, including around the corners of your nose and under eyes.

Concealer brushes for your undereye
There is perhaps nothing worse than waking up with dark circles under your eyes. Although you may think your current cover up routine is perfect, LC thinks she can help you make it even better. For the best application, look for a flat concealer brush that you can really push into the skin under your eyes using the side of it. The perfect brush should also have a tapered edge in order to avoid clumping, which can only make the problem worse. Keep the application light, as the more you add, the higher your risk of it becoming flaky.

Brushes for blemish concealer
Hiding those unsightly pimples is perhaps one of the most important steps of girls' morning routines. In order to hide these bad boys, search out a pointed and tapered brush made of synthetic bristles. This variety will allow you to apply the concealer directly onto the top of any imperfection without getting the product on the surrounding skin. LC suggests working in a swirling motion on top of the pimple with the brush and then using your finger to blend the product into your foundation.

T-zone powder brushes
Oh, the T-zone - this is the area on your face that is most affected by oil slicks and other problems that arise on your face throughout the day. To help cover this trouble spot, try to look for an eyeshadow blending brush to cover up the areas that are prone to developing a shine. Spots include in between your eyebrows, around the tip of your nose and your chin.

Now that you know all about brushes, it may be smart to also understand how to clean them. Glamour Magazine reports brushes need to be cleaned at least once a month to keep build up and bacteria at bay. To properly clean them, start by soaking them in dish soap (this type of soap best removes oils and grease) for few minutes and then rinse them off thoroughly. Next, lie the brushes out flat until they are fully dry and voila! They're like new again.

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