Must-Have Makeup Brushes (20)
Makeup brushes you need for eyeshadow

Most eyeshadow palettes come with applicators, but for the best results, you are better off investing in a good makeup brush set. Your fingers and those little foam-tipped sticks can get the job done occasionally, but when you really want to look your best, there are three makeup brushes you need.

Flat Liner Brush. This brush has short, fine hairs and is used to apply your base eye makeup color. Women's Health Magazine recommends looking for one made with natural hairs if you are using powder eyeshadow, and one with synthetic bristles for cream shadow.

Blending Brush. This brush is smaller and fluffier than the flat shadow brush, and is perfect for adding shading in your creases and emphasizing the outer corners of your eyes.

Fine Eyeliner Brush. Again, you can use the wand that comes with your eyeliner, but having a liner brush on hand is great for when you want to wear just a stripe of your brightly colored shadow along your upper lash line. This skinny, pointed brush is perfect for getting color between individual lashes.

Of course, you can finish off your entire look using a stippling brush or kabuki brush - both are great for applying bronzer and blush

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