Must-Have Makeup Brushes (20)
What is a Kabuki brush for?

A Kabuki brush is an essential makeup tool that can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, setting powder and any other powdered face makeup you may use. The brush comes from traditional Japanese theater, where it was used for the quick application of heavy, dramatic makeup. It is generally short with a rounded tip and made with soft fibers. Traditionally, animal hair is used, but synthetic versions are available as well. However, synthetic fibers will not be nearly as effective as animal hair brushes.

The many fibers of a Kabuki brush allow for a smoother application of powder than a regular brush can accomplish. It is great for getting an even foundation, and can make bronzers and blushes look natural by blending them with the foundation as they are applied.

When using a Kabuki brush, less is more. Always tap excess powder from the brush before applying it. If you're down to the last of your foundation, bronzer or other face makeup, lightly wetting the tips of the brush can help cover more area with less product.

The key to even application is using small, circular motions that will blend the makeup into your skin tone for a natural and polished look.

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