Nail Trends, instant manicure stickers are a fast and easy way to get gorgeous nails in minutes.
-Lasts up to 7 days
-Zero drying time
-File included inside
-For fingers and toes

Nail Trend Stickers

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6 Simple Steps to Apply Nail Stickers...
Use sticker on a dry nail that is clean of polish, dirt, and oil.
Hover the nail sheet above your nail and select the size that best fits within your nail bed.
Peel selected sticker off the sheet.
Press peeled sticker onto your nail (avoiding your cuticle). Then, press down on sticker, smoothing it outwards towards nail edge.
If the sticker hangs over your nail edge, use nail file (included) to file off the excess sticker, using slow, downward strokes.
Peel away the filed, excess sticker and press down on your nail for three seconds to set the sticker.
Some Helpful Hints for Best Results!
For smaller nails, easily get a perfect fit by trimming nail stickers at the sides with nail or cuticle scissors.

To help the nail stickers adhere better to the nail, clean the nail surface with alcohol prior to application.

For longer wear, apply a clear top coat of polish over your nail stickers.



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