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I received this brush with two other face brushes and two palettes. I was very impressed by the speed of the shipping and the sleekness of the packaging. I washed the three brushes before I used them and there was a little shedding with two of the brushes, but this one didn't have any, really. It's extremely soft and I love the design of these brushes. I use it to apply loose powder over my liquid foundation and it works beautifully. Spreads evenly and feels really soft. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wanted an affordable, very quality powder brush.
Mina Boise, Idaho
I just did a review on my Youtube Channel of these lipsticks. I am a long time big fan of Bh Cosmetics. With these lipsticks there is the good and the bad. Mostly Good. They are def hydrating and moisturizing. The only complaint is SOME not all were very heavy, thick, and sticky feeling. The rest were super gorgeous and buttery and hydrating. Other than that they are great, the shades are beautiful, and I cant wait to get the rest of the 6 shades. My channel is
I bought this with my own money and cant wait to buy more!
Reesie Chicago
If you are just starting in makeup, or you just have a little bit of makeup, this is a great product. However, if you have a lot of makeup, or you are traveling and need a good amount of makeup with you, you should probably get a bigger makeup bag in size.
Savannah United States
received this product in berry bite....what a beautiful color!! soooo creamy....not too shiny not too matte its just right! and the color lasts!!!! will definitely be buying other colors!
Vanessa New York NY office
I love the lipsticks that I recently bought. They are perfect for everyday wear! I was scared because it was my first time ordering lipstick from BH, but they're soft yet catches your eye. The colors are pretty and vibrant, and the creme texture is awesome for those with dry lips. Go ahead, buy one and try it yourself.
KimandtheCity Miami, Fl
I was very excited when I got an email about the release of these new lipsticks. I picked up five of them: tea time, naked peach, pop cultured, moody merlot, and coral escape.In general these lipsticks are very hydrating. The pigmentation is awesome for the price tag.

Tea Time is a beautiful nude pink color. If you have a olive skin tone this definitely makes you look tan. Naked Peach is a nude peach color. It looks beautiful paired with a warm/neutral lip pencil. Naked peach is my favorite color. Pop Cultured is a hot magenta/pink color. It's the perfect bold lip color. Moody Merlot is a deep wine red color. It's a very vampy shade. It would great with a smokey eye. Coral Escape is a perfect summer coral lip shade. The only down fall to this color is if you have very pigmentated lips this color will show up like a hot pink/coral shade instead of a true coral shade.

Overall I love these lipsticks. I feel as if each shade can be universal. They last long and have a great color payoff. It's definitely worth trying. Also you don't have to worry about using a lip balm under these because they are smooth and very creamy. Depending on how much you put they could slide around just a tad bit. Finally, the one thing I disliked about this was the packaging. It's pretty cheap. You have to be careful when you remove the cap because you can break the tube off of the turner you roll your product up and down. Other than that these are amazing.
Mariah Jade Jersey City, NJ
The eyeshadows will stay on all day once primer/setting powder or spray is applied.
Anonymous Maryland
The colors that I had ordered seemed to be wearable and lighter colors but when I received them they were a bit too bright. I had ordered a medium brown shade and it turned out to be a purple color.
lipsticklover New York, NY
I had previously purchased some lighted eyebrow tweezers from another brand but I had lost them and decided to give BH's tweezers a try. They come in a lip-stick style encasing which is great, so you have a place to put them instead of just leaving them anywhere and forgetting them. The actual "blade" per say is kind of small, but it's good for accuracy. I would personally prefer it to be a little bigger but I can deal with it. The light is bright which is great when looking for any stray hairs. Overall I'm satisfied with my product.
Africa(: Dallas, Tx
Very good product! They are VERY pigmented & some of the pinks/brownish tones can definitely be used as blush or bronzer.
Beachbum1597 Dallas, TX
One of my all-time fav things to do in my makeup artistry biz is to do kids' parties, do charity events, make a few kids smiile at hospitals (where allowed!), I often auction my services at a childrens' party/event for different charities...because after you work with one too many divas it's SO nice to work with kids, and for a good cause is an extra bonus!

Naturally, for years I've used the Most well-known high priced brand of glitters on adults and children. There simply was not a lot of quality choice available, beyond theatre/stage specific types. Those are a royal pain in the rear to work with on a child for several reasons, and afterall the experience is supposed to be fast and fun and theatre glitters/glitter paints, etc? Fun is not a good word and pro-fast is a joke, even with an adult! Now, that certain Brand M....All good, nothing to complain about there, beyond the obvious, which to me is a huge negative...price plus no pro discounts! When you're involved in some of the types of makeups I do on top of donating time and product for kids and charities, got to the point where I felt like I might as well just set a hundred dollar bill on fire at least once a month!

Then my dear friend and colleague found the BHC glitters and he oh so generously ordered me the entire set along with his own. I can only say that we were both totally BLOWN AWAY by the quality of these products! This is the real deal, not some cheap choppy copy. It works, it looks fantastic, and you will never EVER pay $20+ for a pot of glitter again!

Having said that, please understand that I've been doing this for over 20 years now...if you aren't practiced in the use of glitters, it may seem a little intimidating, and you'll make mistakes...that's OKAY, because the best way to learn is from one's own mistakes! I still keep teaching myself new things on a regular basis...which is to say, I make my share of mistakes too!

So my dear pal and I sat down to experiment, to put these new glitters through ALL the paces on ea other, and see what we could learn. We played around (had a fantastic time...laughed ourselves silly more than once!), working with each color to test quality yes, but also figuring out what works for each of us as to application.

For instance his major work is catwalk and print...quick on quick off. Me, I need the stuff to do that and more in my regular work as well, but I also need it to stick to a little guy or gal throughout a party where they're bound to get sweaty, messy, smeared, you know...just being kids! :)

Consequently, my friend swears by a dab of primer over foundation but w/out setting powder in the specific area (you really can't apply primer over powder anyway!) and after application, maybe a little fixative spray dabbed on with the appropriate brush when the area near eyes is involved for control and safety. The formulation of primer used is all dependent on skin type and condition, but we had a little more trouble with types that have oils in them. I tend to agree with him for quick on/off, photo shoots and the like, but I encourage you to experiment yourselves like we did before you really USE it. For any client, including yourself, figure out your strategies and placements etc before you have a face prepped and waiting for the real deal.

Now putting glitter on a kid is one whole other ballgame. NOwhere near eyes! Obvious reasons! Mid-cheek is about the height limit for me on the face for relatively safe placement on kids say 6'ish yrs and up so far as I'm concerned. Infants? I just won't do it ever, no matter how much Mom pleads. (and they do, bless their hearts, they do!) Toddlers...forearms seem to work pretty well if the design is to include a LITTLE glitter. All kid glitter should be as little as possible! It's not worth the risk to go diva with a child...a few shimmery bits on the end of a rainbow and they're pleased as punch! For fixative I use good old-fashioned thinly applied eyelash glue, any good brand that's white, dries fast and clear and takes very little to go a long long way...that's after I make sure that the munchkin has no skin sensitivities or allergies. Understand folks that there are safety and legal NOT do a kid's paint party without specifics of the process, duration and all applicable warnings via a written/signed waiver/contract with the host/hostess before the first balloon goes on the helium tank!

In 20+ yrs I've NEVER had an issue, for good reasons...first, I only use the best pro quality products on EVERYbody, combined with how very careful I am about placement vs age and disposition of child, then sticking around to do touch ups, clean ups, choose your "disaster" repairs. MOST important is that contract/waiver.

Enough advice there, I'm sure you all get the picture! If I can't use the glue for some reason or other, I gotta brand name drop here but it's the truth...I've never had a kid break out from thinned down good old elmer's glue!

These glitters, every one of them, is top notch, they work like a high priced dream, and I can't say enough about such high quality at such an insanely affordable price! Get a couple and play!!! You'll be collecting them all in no time, and since a little goes a long way, you won't be running out very quickly...unless of course you do a lot of kids' parties! LOL!!!

Happy Makeups & Glittering To All!!!
Lanis NJ/NY
awesome pigmentation! A little goes a long way
Tharafrog Calgary, Canada
This palette is cute! The design is nice and I appreciate the magnets used to close the palette. The colors are perfect for summer; lots of natural colors to play with, plus some brights to bring some POP to a natural eye. However, a lot of the shadows aren't very pigmented, so be sure to use a good primer/base before applying. The top The top two blushes are wonderful, but the bottom two are so-so. Overall, I like this palette, I only paid like ten bucks for it, so it's actually a bit of a steal.
Pearl Los Angeles
Fantastic brushes for a crazy amazing price
Amellia Chicago
Okay I bought the 26 piece brush set and they were awful but THESE brushes are AWESOME. They are soft and pretty. I love these over the 26 piece set any day. Huge improvement over the 26 piece by far.
wonderwoman beauty Montgomery Alabama
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