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I used the eye glue and the "Flirt" eyelashes for all of my Halloween parties and the look was stunning. I couldn't get over how amazing the look was with the added flare from the lashes. The product was perfect and did not move for several hours at a time. The problem was that when I would try to clean it to use it again, there would always be a sticky residue that was really hard to come off. Despite the clean up issue, this product was ten times better than any other I've tried before.
V the Florida girl. Orem, Utah
These brushes are so cool and fun to use I never have any issues with using them.
Autumn Bubbles Colorado Springs Colorado
I purchased this product not long ago and was delivered on time with the rest of my items.
First impressions: The pencil is easy to handle, the product is long lasting and blends easily into the brow for great definition. The price is on par for a product like this.
Overall: I think this is a great start for brow pencils, however, my brows are a deep dark brown (almost black) and I find the color "brunette" far too light for me. I think looking over what's available, there needs to be a dark chestnut brown, for those of us with really dark brows.
Keep up the great work!
Jenie Montreal, QC
Love it love it
Kitone12 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I really like this especially because i'm brown skin skin black woman so I bought the mocha. works perfect and looks perfect.I did have to buy there concealer because I have dark circles under my eye and it looks amazing together.OH! also I recieve this product in three days.
Necy P Tampa, Florida
I really love this product. Works well for any occasion apply just a little for a natural look or build it up for a full face. Applys well very easy to blend in to the skin. Lasted on my skin all day even on my nose even though i have a cold i was amazed. The only problem I could see was that it is slightly scented so if your face is super sensitive that could be problematic, even though it wasnt any issue for me. Other than that I totally recommend it.
Evie Mt. Airy NC
Good product overall satisfied, wasn't to happy with the color of my foundation ordered golden beige but wasn't what I saw online
Tymetheinfamous Tacoma wa
I am a freelance MUA so I purchased all 10 shades while they were on sell and I'm so glad I did. I finally got a chance to use them for the first time tonight and the result was a beautiful finish. When I swiped it on the face to color match the product had a built in shimmer which was very pretty and totally unexpected! This product has the finish of a MAC Stuido Fix Fluid. I rate this product an A+! The only thing I would recommend is that they start putting these products in plastic instead of glass. Have to be extremely careful when handling! Other than that two thumbs up!!! Thanks BH Cosmetics!!!
MremboLady Chicago, IL
I'm a Big Fan of BH Cosmetics and when I saw that they had a new foundation line I knew I had to try it out. The foundation is just as good as my Mac foundation. It lasted all day and it was easy to apply and blends very well. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the names of the shade isn't on the bottle only the number eg. I purchase two shades deep beige and deep cocoa and I didn't know which shade was which because it only said d3 and d4. And when purchasing online they aren't listed with the number. That's the reason I gave it 4 stars other then that I Loved it and will be purchasing more.
Kandy Kisses NYC Brooklyn, Ny
I love this foundation, The foundation I thought might come in a bigger container,but for the price it does not matter. It stays on all day, whether you put a face primer or not. I love it!!
PorrcelainDoll Chino,CA
Im a natural girl, but I can be very trendy depending on the occasion. I have been using it since I bought it the same day it launched publicly(4days later by mail) This foundation is great for all weather climates & conditions. The application is super easy especially when applied with the stippling Brush or BH Angeled Foundation Brush. It's moisturizing but not greasy. I have oily skin but applying my primer 1st balanced out my skin. The pigment is AWESOME! It last all day even when I wore it for 14hrs. I only blotted my face once with an oil blotter sheet after the 8th hour. The color on the bottle is lighter than the true inside color so dont be alarmed. I bought the deep beige & deep cocoa just to be on the safe side & to my surprise they both worked very well with my skin tone. Mixing them worked even better. This product out does some of the High End Brands I have paid $40+ for. BH COSMETICS, You have out sone yourselves on this one! I will be stocking up on these.
DlytfulSheba Columbia, SC
I love this foundation ! It's easy to apply using the foundation brush or any brush. It's tru to its color, no yellows, or reds. I could hardly tell it was there and a little goes a long way !
Erika NY
I absolutely love this palette! Just like its name, it is perfect for day and night. I have been using this palette almost everyday, and I will be using it now that holidays are here to create different looks for parties. It is a fave of mine! the reason why I love this palette is because the colors are super pigmented and easy to blend. However, the only problem I have with it is that two of the eyeshadows fell off. Maybe they need to put better glue so they won't fall off. Whether you prefer are a natural or dramatic look, this palette is for you.
Karen Los Angeles,ca
I have all the colors and they are great! Using with BH Eye and Lip Primer, I especially love Vintage and Royalty. They are particulary good to use on the bottom waterline. With other brands I constantly have to reapply, but not with these! More colors have to come out and soon! All colors and definitely some shimmering, glittery ones. I look forward to buying those.
Nicolette~! New York, NY
These brush is easy to apply make up with and i love them cause of that
makeuplover1 San Jose,CA
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