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This is my first set of brushes from BH and I really want to love it.
Brushes look nice and well made.They do not shed.Most of them are very soft except for one,blush brush is a little scratchy.Both eyeshadow brushes are very firm and I was not able to apply desired amount of eyeshadow using them.I also did not realize that once you get white brush dirty there is no way it will ever be white again,regardless of brush cleaner you use.
These brushes come in a very nice case that has very strong PVC smell,kinda like new shower curtain ))) but it goes away eventually.
I realize that for the price I should not expect super quality,but to be honest I like my super cheap drugstore brushes better.
Lana Apple Valley,MN
I used this product with my Makeup Forever HD primer. I purchased both the Light Rose and Sand because I wasn't sure which one would suit my skin color. The Sand has an orange undertone,so instead I applied the Light Rose. As soon as I applied it on my skin the color was awful! Looked like I was putting tanning lotion. I buffed it in and the color seem to go away. It was weird the bright orange disapeared but still left behind the effects of a foundation. I love full coverage so I added another coat, and that's when I was able to tell that the color was off! This time I couldn't buff it. I recommend going lighter just incase. This is not for girls who love FULL COVERAGE, it's kinda like a THICK tinted moisterizer.
If anyone is interested I use Sand Beige in Revlon/ N25 in MAC for referance.
I hope it works for you!
Musiluv_Bren Los Angeles,CA
I love this palette. I mix day/night colors. I use this palette almost daily. I have since ordered 5 more BH Cosmetics palettes. I am also doing a giveaway on youtube for this palette.
prettynicki1218 New Jersey
I suffer from disfiguring acne from a medication reaction. Almost anything will make my face bleed so I've been using a $26 bottle of an oil based remover from a department store. I've tried other liquid removers and those that were not oil based never removed the make up. These are perfect!! They leave a cooling sensation on the areas that might bleed. (Bleeding isn't the products fault.) I keep them in my duty bag to wipe off my face after a dirty medical/trauma call instead of antibacterial wipes which would burn and cause severe bleeding. I love these and am super happy they came with my kit because now I'm hooked!!
Jenn C Yanceyville, NC
I used these on my YouTube Chanel and showed how to use for on the go and great bruses for traveling and for my purse so small and sleek ;)
Pinktay10 Odessa, tx
As a makeup artist, I get most of my beauty items that I use personally and on my clients from BH Cosmetics because of the great value. Now that they've introduced liquid foundation, I'm even more in love with the company than ever before. They are competitively priced and come in a variety of shades. I ordered 7 different shades and so far have tested 3. You don't have to use very much of the product as it is a great pigment and sort of thick (but not in a bad way) to provide great coverage. I don't require a lot of coverage, so one layer is all I've tried on me and a couple of other subjects so far.

As a woman of color, I find that many cosmetic companies don't offer realistic-looking shades of foundation for us and I find myself having to mix more than one to create my ideal shade. With BH Liquid Foundation, I tried one that I thought would work and it was good, but a little light, so I tried the next darkest shade and it pretty much blended into my skin. When you first put it on, it looks like it's not going to work, but you have to blend it in and it virtually disappears. Once I set it with a light dusting of powder, it lasted all day. It has a pleasant smell and doesn't irritate my skin. I can't wait to use it on others. I'm a believer! Thanks BH.

Oh, the other thing is the names of the shades are a little confusing. Like, the deep beige you would think would be lighter than the mocha, but it was in fact, darker. Also, once you take the bottles of out the box, all you're left with on the bottle as a reference to color is the color class (L for light, M for medium and D for dark) and a number. They should put the name of the color on the bottle as well, not just the box.
SJ the Makeup Artist Musician Houston, TX
I just received my order a couple days ago, and these BH Eye crayons were the first to test.
First impression: Amazing color, smooth line (pieces don't break off into the product during application) and it lasts.
Suggestions: If applying straight to face, you can blend the thick line out for a gorgeous smokey eye. If you want a thinner line, you can use an angled brush rubbed onto the crayon and then apply... the product is smooth enough to do this!
I purchased this crayon in Shadow, Dare and Vintage and Vintage is definitely my favorite! A beautiful antique gold :)
I will definitely be purchasing the rest of the set soon!
Jenie Montreal, QC
This is a very good product and the price is very good I love BH cosmetics. Highly recommend this to anyone who has the make up all over the place
daniela toronto canada
I was looking for a good eye base and I found it! The eye crayons work well as a base or just on their own as a shadow. I purchased the colors Vintage and Crystal and use them both frequently. In fact, I use Vintage almost daily. They're just so great!They don't crease or wear off, and they blend amazingly. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a fantastic product for an even better price! These crayons are just the best things ever!
Elle the Makeup Lover Nashville, TN
Cute and a nice product for my 7 year old God sister but it is quite tiny overall good product though when your on the Go.
Bonita_Negrita Newcastle,DE
I got my pink set yesterday and I love it, I enjoy these brushed and its a great starter brush set. Best deal ever.
Jess Ontario
I love this brush case.Color is great-unusual and fun.It is not made of leather but it is soft and leather like.It also does not smell.I got 12 pcs Classic Brush Set shipped with this one and that case stinks so bad,I bet it's borderline toxic. I took all of the brushes out of it and put them in this one right away.
Only thing I do not like about this case is BH logo printed in white on outside,it looks very cheap.Texture of material it's made of resembles grainy leather and paint has bled out a little,just like your dark lipstick does without good lipliner.It would look so much better if logo was embossed instead.
Lana Apple Valley,MN
This was okay but it wasnt great. It removes the makeup and isnt harsh on my skin. I have had some problems with other brands that caused discoloration. My skin is very sensitive to certain things. I just wished it was a little more wet and removed more makeup. I always have to go back a second time and wipe my face. But it works has a neutral scent and is worth the money in my opinion.
GlamourGirl Deerfield Beach, Florida
this brush is so soft and is the perfect size. I love this better than any blush brush i've ever bought.
Vanessa NY
Been using for a week now and love it. Very easy to apply and I keep it in my purse for touch ups during the day. Covers well and really great for under eyes. It's very creamy and wears well. I have combination skin so it works well on oily and dry spots!!
FromRussiaWithLove Vancouver, Canada
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