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The brush set was much smaller than expected (nearly the length of one hand). However, it appears to be practical and of decent quality. But, I must say I never would have ordered this product alone. Luckily, it was included in the Valentine's Special with the BH Day & Night Palette.
Sarah Brown Detroit, Michigan
These brushes are excellent! The brush set I received are super soft and sturdy! If you have ever tried E.L.F. brushes, you know that most of them are scratchy and shed A LOT. The BH brushes, however, do not shed! I have tugged on the bristles and none of the bristles fall out. I just can not express how much I LOVE these brushes!
BSM Washington
the brushes are really great, but the eyeshadow brushes are a bit too stiff and they don't apply as well.
otherwise I loveloveloveeeee them :)
makeupjunkie Slovenia
I was excited when I my husband purchased me severeal BH brushes for Christmas, but I was not impressed with this one. After I washed it, it fanned, lost its shape, and shed. I am satisfied with the other brushes, but I wouldn't get this one again.
Bre Makeup luv Phoenix, AZ
I really am pretty pleased with these brushes. They're quite a bit bigger than I expected. The handles on them are REALLY long compared with what I'm used to, which is fine for the face brushes and the eye shadow brushes, but the liner brushes would be a lot easier to use if they had shorter handles which would allow for more control. Also, there's only two brushes meant for eye shadow, and neither of them are good for a crease brush. I wound up using the smudge brush for a crease brush, which is ok I guess. There's also no foundation brush of any kind, just a fluffy powder brush and a blush brush. Compare that with the four eye liner brushes.

The big pro for these is that they're SO soft,and they pick up product really well. They don't shed at all, either, and they're very densely packed. Anyone who expected these pure white brushes to stay white after having all variety of colors put on them just wasn't thinking. They're WHITE. Obviously the colors in the products are going to stain them.

All in all, I like these brushes. They're great for an every day makeup routine, and provide a good basic brush collection to build upon later.
NavyWifey USA
I got this set a couple days ago and I really couldn't be happier. The brushes are super soft and the case is so cute. And the price is amazing!
Caviatta Spain
They are amazing brushes and do not shed! BHcosmetic products are great! i can assure you girls you will not be disappointed in these brushes or any of their products :).
Ms.Stacey Livingston ,tx
These were perfect. I just received them yesterday so I tried them last night and just a few hours ago. I am usually sitting there scrubbing and scrubbing for all my make up to come off but with these wipes one did the job easily. They are very gentle, and worked perfect to remove my eye make up with no burning or irritation.I will be putting a new order in soon and I'm definitely going to get back up of these :)
Meg the Magnifcent El Paso, Texas
I use it everyday for my everyday makeup
Jazzy Ontario Canada
I use this with my gel liner and its greatt! GREAT GREAT GREAT brush i mean sooo many things you can do with it, i think it's my favorite brush out of alll the brushes i have!
Always Anise Brownwood Tx
the product said it would be in by december29,2012 it is now freaken new years day
ofdhvsdfjv hoisdcioldsm
I really love this blush palette! I personally cannot use all the colors because there is such a variety of light and dark colors. The matte blushes are the darker ones and I personally like matte blushes. But they are all still nice wear. They stay for a while and are pretty pigmented. They blend fairly easy. They're just a good investment if you are a makeup artist or if you just wanted to add some more blush to your collection. There actually isn't much shimmer to the shimmery ones but it is noticeable which I really appreciate in these blushes because like I said I like matte blushes.
Jae Oregon
I received the BH Makeup Remover Towelettws free with one of my orders and I'm happy I did! This is really the best makeup remover I have ever used. Its extremely gentle, gentle enough to use around the eyes and not worry about it stinging them. One towel is enough to take off all my make up including mascara, all without extensive rubbing. I just put through another order and I made sure to include a pack of these babies!
Nicolette New York, NY
The name of the brush is "all-over", however that is not the case at all. It is a small brush better suited for highlighting or blush; which is what I use this brush for. Nevertheless the size, it is a great brush but do not get this brush if you want an all over brush for powder. I recommend BH's Powder Brush or Kabuki Brush instead.
Lady D North Las Vegas, Nevada
Biggest fan brush I've ever had! Love it.
PhillyGirl60 Philly Suburbs
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